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The Style Theorists are the future of the runway

YouTube channel the Style Theorists is debuting a creator fashion show.


Steven Asarch


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Creators used to view merchandise as a second thought, slapping their channel name or logo on a T-shirt and calling it a day. The same can be said about events, which were either glorified meet-and-greets or PR disasters like TanaCon.

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But over the past decade, merchandise and events have become ubiquitous with creators. Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink is unavoidable in NYC bodegas. Ian “iDubbbz” Jomha managed to sell out two stadiums for his Creator Clash boxing event.

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On Thursday, April 25, at 2:30 pm PST, those worlds will take their next step in the influencer evolutionary process with “Creators in Fashion.” This live-streamed fashion show will feature a full runway and collections from top creators, including dungeon masters Critical Role, graphist artist ZHC, and adventurers Yes Theory.

The show is by Style Theorists, one of four “Theorists” channels started by YouTuber Matthew “MatPat” Patrick. The Theorists channels have a collective of tens of millions of subscribers.

“When the Theorists commit to something, we try to bring our A game and show everyone how this niche that we have chosen to enter has been underutilized so far,” Style Theory host Amy Roberts told Passionfruit. “We want to show that fashion shows can be digital and creator-focused. That isn’t just what you expect, but entertainment on a different level.” 

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A Style Theory

Roberts started behind the scenes of the channel when it started a year ago. She helped MatPat make videos explaining what it is like to wear edible underwear and crack skulls with heels.

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When MatPat announced his retirement as the on-camera host of all the Theorists channels earlier this year, it only made sense for her to step in as host. 

Now Roberts and MatPat are hosting “Creators in Fashion” together, bringing a unique sense of wonder to the runway. Alongside the main show, “Creators in Fashion” will feature backstage interviews, special guest commentary, and maybe even a special reveal. 

According to Roberts, the group planned to have a fashion show coincide with their 2023 winter fashion line. But they realized “there’s a lot more that goes into a fashion show” than they “initially really understood.” So they pushed it back to springtime, assembling a team of brands and production staff to make something encompassing more than just their brand.  

“It is literally a collaboration unlike any that has been done on these platforms before,” MatPat said. “Doing events like this gives us a chance to take the skills that we’ve learned over here, to expose a whole new set of problems, and then figure out how to problem solve those and create something uniquely different.” …

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