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Drew Afualo Remix by Cole Mitchell

Drew Afualo is Baba Yaga to misogynists—and a patron saint to everyone else

‘Women are ridiculed and vilified for quite literally anything.’


Daysia Tolentino



This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

Drew Afualo’s iconic laugh will strike fear in any misogynist’s heart—and joy in everyone else’s. She’s been referred to as a benevolent Bloody Mary (but if you ask her, “That’s Baba Yaga to u hoe”). Under any sexist video, you’re bound to see her name plastered throughout the comments, as people summon her to drag the poster.

Certain parts of TikTok can be a toxic wasteland of bigoted content. “Alpha males,” gym bros, hypermasculine podcast hosts. Afualo is on a mission to clean the app of its worst offenders with the help of her 3.9 million followers.

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