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Screengrab via Nintendo / Youtube

Check out some new gameplay mechanics from the latest Zelda game.

Keeping a franchise as long lasting as The Legend of Zelda fresh can be a challenge, but Breath of the Wild has two really cool features that Nintendo is showing off.

The Nintendo UK Twitter account on Monday revealed a pair of short Breath of the Wild videos that highlight two new game mechanics. Runes and magnesis look like abilities that will help Link navigate puzzles, which suggests we’re in for different sorts of puzzles than we’ve seen in previous Zelda games.

The first video shows off Link’s ability to use runes to create platforms out of thin air, and in this case using the ability to cross gaps. This video also gives us a glimpse at a new ability where Link can use his sword to propel objects through the air, demonstrated by throwing an explosive barrel at a group of Bokoblin.

The second video is dedicated to Link’s new magnesis ability. Link uses a spectral magnet to grab and move objects in a temple, again by way of solving puzzles. Link uses the ability to grab treasure chests from ledges, and now we can better understand brief glimpses in previous trailers of Link grabbing objects using the magnesis ability and dropping those objects on enemies.

We can expect Nintendo to continue teasing us with new Breath of the Wild gameplay until the game’s release for Wii U in March 2017.

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