The beloved ’90s animated X-Men are back in this fanmade YouTube series

The recent influx of new X-Men movies has reawakened a warm nostalgia for the ’90s animated series, and this fanmade YouTube series looks like the perfect solution.

Animator Joel Furtado spent the past year working on “Danger Room Protocols,” a free animated series taking place in—you guessed it—the X-Men’s Danger Room.

The premise sounds a lot like the kind of debate you’d have with your X-Men loving friends: Which character would win in a fight, and why? 

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Over the course of 18 episodes, Furtado will put various classic X-Men characters to the test in the Danger Room, exploring their powers through a series of training exercises. We love the pixelated animation style, which adds a vintage video game feel to the ’90s cartoon homage.

Danger Room Protocols

Furtado said the first episode will premiere Jan. 19. 

Screengrab via joelyface/YouTube

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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