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‘Wonder Woman’ gets the chuckle-worthy Honest Trailer we all knew was coming

It’s hard to hate on the best film in the DC Extended Universe.


Sarah Weber


Were you so blown away by the competent storytelling and female empowerment of Wonder Woman that you kind of forgot about the not-so-great parts? Well Honest Trailers isn’t about to let that shit slide.

The movie-skewering YouTube series panned the film’s unmemorable villains, fuzzy grasp of history, and awkward accents, while acknowledging it’s also the best part of the DC Extended Universe—by far.

It also wryly addressed Wonder Woman‘s role in ending the absurdly long absence of female-led superhero films following poorly crafted failures like Cat Woman and Elektra.

“Studios doubted a female-led superhero movie could succeed,” says the Honest Trailers voiceover. “Now, Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question, ‘What if a female-led superhero movie wasn’t absolute garbage from beginning to end and had a powerful message for girls?’”

What if, indeed.

Gal Gadot’s Diana will be back in Justice League on Nov. 17. At that point we’ll find out if DC and Warner Bros. learned a thing or two about how Wonder Woman succeeded, and where its previous films went very, very wrong. If it turns out to be another Batman v Superman-level disaster, at least you can look forward to a deliciously savage Honest Trailer to follow.

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