Everything we know about ‘Wonder Woman 2’

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Casting news, release dates, spoiler-free story hints, and more.

Wonder Woman 2 was officially announced Saturday by Warner Bros. at San Diego Comic-Con. The first movie is still raking in cash for the studio, and although the studio only just confirmed the news, we already know some details about Wonder Woman 2, including director Patty Jenkins‘ vision for the story.

Wonder Woman 2 release date

Right now, the DCEU has several movies in the works. Justice League (co-starring Wonder Woman) is due out in November 2017, Aquaman is due out in December 2018, and Shazam (starring the Rock) is in pre-production for an April 2019 release. And now, we have an official Wonder Woman 2 release date: Dec. 13, 2019.

After that, things are surprisingly unsure for such a major Hollywood franchise.

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We expect to see solo movies for Cyborg, Batman, and the Flash after Justice League, but while Cyborg is scheduled for April 2020, The Flash and The Batman may be delayed due to shake-ups within their creative teams. Warner Bros. plans to make a Green Lantern Corps movie for summer 2020 and has several other spinoffs in the works, including Gotham City Sirens, Joss Whedon‘s Batgirl, and a Suicide Squad sequel.


Wonder Woman 2 cast and news

Unlike with Marvel Studios, where actors are habitually contracted for six movies, Warner Bros. now faces contract re-negotiations with Wonder Woman herself. Gal Gadot signed up for three DC movies at $300,000 each and will presumably demand a higher salary for future performances. Patty Jenkins also has to negotiate a new contract because Warner Bros. originally hired her for just one movie.

wonder woman sequel dr poison Photo via Wonder Woman/Warner bros.

Elena Anaya, who played the supervillain Dr. Poison, is contracted for multiple movies, so we may see her return. Patty Jenkins didn’t completely rule out a return for Chris Pine‘s character Steve Trevor, but that seems unlikely because Trevor is dead. And not the Winter Soldier kind of dead. Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright will reprise their roles as Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope in Justice League, but they haven’t been confirmed for Wonder Woman 2 yet.

Oh, and Patty Jenkins wants to recruit 1970s Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter for a cameo role!


Wonder Woman 2 plot

Patty Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly that she already has a vision for Wonder Woman 2. She wants the story to take place in the U.S., and according to an earlier interview with Uproxx, it could be another historical drama, this time taking place in the 1930s.

wonder woman 2 : patty jenkins Photo via Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman has the whole 20th century to choose from, giving it more creative freedom than the other DCEU movies. Patty Jenkins and her screenwriting team won’t have to worry about tying into big events from films like Justice League, unlike the more interconnected nature of films like The Flash.

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