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Wattam is the newest weirdly adorable game from the makers of Katamari Damacy

The latest from studio Funomena and Katamari creator Keita Takahashi is as cute and weird as its predecessor.


Aja Romano


Despite a recent preview demonstration of Wattam, the newest game from Katamari Damacy studio Funomena and game creator Keita Takahashi, mystified game reviewers still aren’t sure what it’s about or how to describe it. Last year’s cryptic trailer—cute, but baffling—wasn’t much help either.

Now, heading into E3, where will the game will debut for Playstation 4, we finally have a sneak peak at Wattam in action. 

And we… still have no idea what it’s about or what’s going on, but isn’t it just adorable?

The object of Katamari was, famously, to roll cute things up into a giant ball, causing whimsical chaos and mayhem and mass destruction across the planet while cheery music played and victims screamed in terror. 

Here, the object seems to be to have fun, positive interactions with whatever unexpected things you run into in your environment, gradually assembling them all on top of each other so that you can eventually… explode them against a backdrop of approving cheers from the ether.


The point is, whatever is going on here, it’s so cute our Playstations are practically making whimpering noises at us. Down, boy. You’ll get your fix of inexplicable Japanese children’s gaming soon.

Screengrab via Funomena/YouTube

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