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No judgement. Just blood moons. 

Tonight there is a lunar eclipse, as in a total, real, honest-to-goodness eclipse in which the full moon will pass in front of the Earth’s shadow. The fun name for this phenomenon is a “blood moon” because the moon will take on a dark red color. 

via NASA

It’s all very amazing and beautiful, and on my drive home from the gym tonight I caught a glimpse of the early action (it was more like a really yellow-orange moon, but still). But now it’s really cold outside and I want to go to bed soon… and you might be in the same boat. If that’s the case, just hit up these livestreams to catch the action. 

Here’s one UStream channel’s footage: 

And Slooh Observatory’s stream: 

Nasa’s also got a stream going on, powered by Ustream, which earlier on, featured some awesome background jams. 

The show will really start around midnight EST, so grab some popcorn, shut your blinds, and experience the power of the galaxy while you download porn in your incognito tab. 

Photo via Robbo-Man/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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