‘Walking Dead’ fans struggled to keep it together during season 7 opener

walking dead season 7 premiere reactions

Screengrab via Skybound/YouTube


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season premiere.

Now that a few days have passed since the polarizing and devastating Walking Dead season premiere it’s a little easier to watch it on repeat and, for those who haven’t quit the show, start to overanalyze it. But for others, that might also mean partaking in some good-fashioned Schadenfreude with the internet’s reaction videos.

Brought to the limelight by smug Game of Thrones fans who wanted to secretly capture their show-only friends and family slowly crumble into a puddle of devastating emotions after the Red Wedding, fans now regularly tape themselves reacting to big TV show developments. The Walking Dead is no exception, and as seen in a compilation by Skybound, the entertainment company started by Walking Dead comics creator Robert Kirkman, there was plenty to go around.

It’s easy to laugh at all of these now, but chances are some of us reacted the same way they did—and might be glad the cameras weren’t rolling.

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‘The Walking Dead’ premiere was too brutal to handle
It was worse than we could've imagined.
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