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Maggie? Glenn?

The Walking Dead is coming back in less than three weeks, and fans are more confused than ever. The last season ended on a huge cliffhanger with everyone wondering who Negan killed. 

All we can be sure of is that the season premiere will open with Negan beating someone’s head in. But who?

In a new interview with Digital Spy The Walking Dead, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the villainous Negan, gave fans a new perspective on how the season will play out.

“You need to be very careful about what you wish for because you are going to get it and more this year. It’s emotional. It’s hard. It’s hyper-violent,” said Morgan. “It’s a lot to take. When the audience sees it, they will know exactly what ‘a lot’ means.”

Morgan also added: “You won’t be able to see Negan without thinking of the premiere episode. What he does is so strong and so shocking.

“Without a doubt [Rick] has [met his match], absolutely. Everything is changed. The playing field has irrevocably changed.”

So… Glenn? Maggie? Definitely not Rick and Carl. Probably not Abraham. Creators swear it will be worth the wait, but it may not matter

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