Topher Grace made a beautiful ‘Star Wars’ trailer for all 10 movies

Star Wars: A New Hope

It’s a love letter to the franchise.

Actor Topher Grace is a huge Star Wars fan. On its own, that’s not exactly a rare trait, but he’s also a fully fledged member of creative Star Wars fandom, best known for editing an 85-minute cut of the prequel trilogy in 2012. Now, he’s back with a carefully curated trailer for the entire franchise.

Titled Star Wars: Always, the five-minute trailer is a love letter to all 10 Star Wars movies. It ties together themes and characters from the three eras of the franchise, resulting in a beautifully sentimental fanvid. Grace co-created it with his friend Jeff Yorkes over the course of a weekend.

Grace’s next big project is editing down the Hobbit trilogy to a single feature-length film. For the many people who can’t face all nine hours of the original cut, that sounds like a very welcome idea.


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Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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