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The word ‘Jedi’ can be singular or plural, and these translated titles confirm ‘The Last Jedi’ it is one.

European translations of The Last Jedi title have confirmed a popular Star Wars fan theory: there’s more than one Jedi in The Last Jedi.

The theory originates from the fact that “Jedi” can be singular or plural, meaning the title could either refer to an individual character like Rey or Luke Skywalker, or to multiple Jedi.

The Brazilian translation seemingly suggested a singular, male Jedi when the title was first announced. However, several new translated titles were just revealed on official Star Wars social media accounts, including plural translations like the Italian Gli Ultimi Jedi.

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The French, Spanish, and German titles also refer to plural Jedi, confirming our suspicions. There’s more than one “last Jedi,” so fans can stop arguing about whether it’s Luke or Rey.

It’s most likely both. 

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