Photo via Supergirl/CW

Former ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Hoechlin will make an appearance in the first episode.

Supergirl returns next month, singlehandedly saving the Superman franchise from doom and gloom.

The trailer for season 2 introduces former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Superman, full of twinkly-eyed charm alongside Melissa Benoist‘s Supergirl. He isn’t joining the main cast, but fans are already excited for his guest appearance after seeing photos of him looking absolutely perfect in the Superman costume.

In keeping with Supergirl‘s sunny and optimistic tone, this is a very different Superman from the version we’ve seen in recent big-screen adaptations. He’s dorky, wholesome, and smiles more in this trailer than Henry Cavill does in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman combined.

This long-awaited family reunion looks like a great start to the season, although we’re glad to see the show is avoiding having Superman overshadow the true hero of the series.

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