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You really don’t need to know anything about ‘Suicide Squad’s plot to know that it’s going to be fun.

Along with the new Fantastic Beasts trailer, the MTV Movie Awards gave us another great gift this weekend: more new footage from Suicide Squad.

The latest full-length trailer looks even more awesome than the last, with a great soundtrack and plenty of screentime for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Warner Bros. has clearly figured out that she’s the true star of the movie.

After the first trailer introduced Suicide Squad‘s extensive cast of DC Comics villains, this one focuses more on style, from the Joker’s costumes to the prickly banter between members of the Squad. It’s kind of jarring to see a teaser for Batman v Superman at the end, because Suicide Squad simply looks a hell of a lot more fun—not to mention more visually interesting—by comparison.

We’re loving Harley Quinn’s candy-colored cocktail in the bar scene, by the way. Does anyone have a recipe?

‘Suicide Squad’ trailer gives us everything we want
Jared Leto, Margot Robbie pop in debut reel.
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