There’s a new ‘Starship Troopers’ coming soon—and the first trailer just landed

Screengrab via Zero Media/YouTube


Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic Starship Troopers is getting another sequel. Starring original cast members Casper Van Dien (Johnny Rico) and Dina Meyer (Dizzy Flores), Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars was written by Ed Neumeier, the original Starship Troopers screenwriter.

Traitors of Mars takes place—you guessed it—on Mars. Johnny Rico has been demoted and sent to a remote Martian outpost, which—you guessed it again—gets attacked by space bugs.

It’s hard to tell from the trailer which kind of Starship Troopers movie this is. The description suggests a straightforward sci-fi/action flick, but hopefully, they’ll go the Verhoeven route of absurd dystopian satire, arguably the original film’s true legacy as a cult classic.

As an animated sequel, Traitor of Mars will screen in theaters for one day only. You can catch it on Aug. 21, when it will screen at 500 select cinemas with bonus material from the cast and crew. Everyone else will have to wait for the digital release.

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