Chocolate Chewbacca is the most delicious and loyal ‘Star Wars’ treat

Chewbacca made out of chocolate

How To Cook That/YouTube

Trust your stomach and let the chocolate Wookiee win.

Have you always wanted a trusty best friend like Chewbacca at your side? Now you can make your very own Wookiee companion with the help of YouTube channel How To Cook That. Just don’t leave him in the sun—this Chewie might melt.

In the video below, How To Cook That host Ann Reardon walks you through the steps of creating the Millennium Falcon copilot out of chocolate. All you need are some chocolate bars, a chocolate ball, fondant, and extra chocolate for the fur. Reardon lists the ingredients on her website and offers a helpful sizing template for Star Wars bakers to follow.

Reardon’s creation looks quite impressive and detailed for a chocolate Chewbacca. While the recipe requires a bit of work and you might worry about your skills creating Wookiee fur out of chocolate, the end result looks too awesome not to at least attempt.

In addition to Chewbacca, Reardon has created a number of other awesome foods, including a Space Invaders optical illusion cake. You can find more of her recipes on her YouTube channel.

H/T CNET | Screenshot via How To Cook That/YouTube

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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