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Photo via Tim Adam

He said the Punisher cosplayer really got into it.

Go to any big sci-fi convention, and you’re  guaranteed to see a few people dressed as the red-shirted security officers from Star Trek‘s original series. It’s a simple costume that provides a built-in theme for cosplay photos: getting horribly killed, which was the primary role of Star Trek‘s redshirts.

At Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, cosplayer Tim Adam perfected the art. Instead of stopping by for one or two “dying redshirt” photos, he built up a massive gallery of imaginative redshirt death crossovers with other cosplayers from Marvel to Star Wars to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Tim Adam

You can view the full gallery on Adam’s Facebook page, including some details about the other cosplayers. At this point, this particular redshirt has been murdered by every popular character in geek culture.

Tim Adam

In a Reddit message to the Daily Dot, Adam said that some of his favorite “deaths” were with the Punisher and the Joker, who both really got into character, and Spider-Man, who decided to pose for a tricky shot while hanging upside down from a tree.

Tim Adam

Although of course, the deadliest of all was BB-8.

Tim Adam

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