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The 11 best ‘Star Trek’ accessories to celebrate 50 years of the Final Frontier

Whether you support the Klingon Empire or salute Starfleet Academy, there’s something for everyone.


Lisa Granshaw

Internet Culture

Posted on Sep 8, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 1:53 am CDT

Fifty years ago, Star Trek: The Original Series premiered and launched an iconic and beloved franchise that is still going strong today. Fans around the world are commemorating this milestone anniversary in a number of ways, including their outfits and accessories. 

Whether it’s a comfortable T-shirt or a bold necklace, there are numerous options for Star Trek fans who want to proudly show their love for the franchise. Here are 11 items to help you celebrate 50 more years of Star Trek

1) Kaleidoscope skirt

This skirt features symbols from the series in a colorful kaleidoscope pattern. The design will just look pretty to some, but Star Trek fans will recognize the combination of insignia, seals, and the Enterprise. Plus it has pockets, which is still so rare on skirts and dresses that it makes resisting this piece futile.

2) Dresses

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ANOVOS, known for creating costumes and props for a number of franchises including Star Trek, recently launched a line of fashion dresses with Gold Bubble Clothing that are way easier to wear around than replica props. The collection includes four designs: NCC-1701, Nebula, “City on the Edge of Forever,” and Star Trek: Beyond. The Beyond dress is available in asymmetrical, A-line, or bodycon styles. Each is $90 and is available in sizes extra small to 2XL.

3) Bat’leth necklace 

If you’re a Klingon at heart, then you can let everyone know with this Bat’leth necklace from Etsy shop GeekStar Costuming. With a mirrored silver finish, the acrylic pendant will show how honorable you are.

4) Ship insignia T-shirt

You can proudly display the Starfleet insignia with this shirt! The insignia is made of various ships and the Deep Space Nine space station for a design that combines many familiar and beloved elements from the franchise.

5) Aprons

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These aprons by Aria’s Apparel are perfect for cosplay or for just adding a touch of the final frontier to the kitchen. You even have a choice of division with both red or blue options available.

6) Shoes

Have the perfect pair of heels, except they’re missing a touch of Star Trek? Send them to Etsy shop Ashton Atelier! The shop will add your choice of division symbol to the sole of heels you already own, so you’re not restricted by any style or size. The shoes will easily assimilate back into your wardrobe when the painting is done.

7) Vulcan salute earrings

It’s only logical for you to consider these stunning earrings. Whether you give the Vulcan salute or not, everyone can live long and prosper wearing this pair.

8) Property of Starfleet T-shirt 

You don’t have to wait for there to be a Starfleet Academy to feel like you’re a part of it. Become a member of the class of 2161 with the help of this shirt.

9) Klingon cufflinks

You can subtly show your warrior nature with these Klingon cufflinks. They’ll add just the right touch to any outfit, whether you’re headed to a convention or to work.

10) Overbust corset

This corset will have you reaching maximum fashion before you can say “Make it so!” The stylish corset is available in blue, red, or yellow and comes with a matching insignia pin. It may cost more than $200, but you’ll have one stellar handmade showpiece.

11) Wesley sweater

Enter the world of The Next Generation with this cozy sweater. Matching the one worn by Wesley Crusher on the Enterprise, you’ll be all set for winter. Just prepare yourself to hear the phrase “Shut up, Wesley” shouted at you every once in awhile!

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*First Published: Sep 8, 2016, 6:00 am CDT