Sneaky Cosplay KDA Kaisa

Daniel Huang/Twitter

People literally cannot handle Sneaky’s K/DA Kai’Sa cosplay

He’s getting really good at this.


Ana Valens

Internet Culture

Published Jan 31, 2019

Watch out gamers, Cloud9’s Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi is at it again. This time, he’s cosplaying as Kai’Sa from Riot Games’ League of Legends idol group K/DA.

On Tuesday evening, Sneaky posted a photoshoot featuring him with fellow cosplayers Hana Bunny and his girlfriend Esther Lynn. The post features three photos taken by photographer and cosplayer Daniel Huang: two of which showing off Sneaky’s crossplay, and one featuring all three models together. Crossplay, for the uninitiated, is when a person cosplays as a character of another gender.

“I couldn’t fly with these jets 😡,” Sneaky teases in the post. Two days later, the tweet has gained over 4,500 retweets and 23,700 likes.

Bunny and Lynn shared their own photosets too, both of which include shots with Sneaky. Collectively, their two tweets earned over 900 retweets and 6,900 likes. The Daily Dot reached out to Sneaky for comment and is awaiting his response.

Predictably, the gaming community fell in love with Sneaky’s cosplay. Over the past few years, Sneaky has become incredibly skilled at crossplay, to the point where he passes as a woman in his shoots. Without any prior knowledge that Sneaky is Kai’Sa, one would easily assume a woman was cosplaying as her.

That point doesn’t seem to be lost on Sneaky’s fans.

Some straight men are having an identity crisis over Sneaky’s look.

Other Twitter users are admiring his sheer cosplaying skills.

But most posters are just thirsty for Sneaky. Really, really thirsty.

For the record, Sneaky’s fellow Cloud9 team members and coaches approve of his cosplaying antics, with many joining in on a thread saying “you’re so hot brother.”

As for more photos from the K/DA cosplay session, Sneaky plans to upload an exclusive photoshoot to his Patreon in February. Paying $10 or more per month gives users access to his monthly exclusive shoots. Based on his current skills crossplaying, it’s clearly worth the price.

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*First Published: Jan 31, 2019, 8:43 am CST