Hammer hits mirror

Screengrab via The Slow Mo Guys/YouTube

Don’t blink.

If you think you’ve already seen all there is to see in slow motion, you’d be right—almost.

The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube posted a video of a hammer flying into a mirror. What makes it special is they filmed it at a much faster frame rate than they usually do: 120,000 frames per second. That means the resolution wasn’t as good as most Slow Mo Guys videos, but what they did capture is kind of amazing.

At the 1:36 mark, you can see a shock wave ripple through the mirror right as the hammer strikes it. As the Slow Mo Guys note, it looks a lot like that iconic scene in The Matrix when the helicopter strikes the glass-sided building, sending a ripple through it.

In the words of Neo: woah.

H/T Mashable

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