Shia LaBeouf’s rant was made for this ‘Dragon Ball Z’ mashup

Just when you thought Shia LaBeouf had found his true calling as a motivational trainer, this hysterical mashup with Dragon Ball Z goes one better, and puts him in charge of overseeing Goku’s almighty power-ups.

It turns out Shia’s weird green-screen motivational speech is absolute gold when it’s used as an awkward anime voice dub against the famously over-the-top scene in which Goku gets angry enough to enter Super Saiyan Mode for the first time. Nothing is funnier than Shia shrieking “JUST DO IT!” to a sweaty grunting Goku against a backdrop of ’90s lightning storms. Nothing.

The best part is that this mashup from YouTuber mrJoelVFX changes absolutely nothing about either of its elements. The scene is taken entirely in its original form from DBZ episode 95, “Transformed at Last.” You can see the original without added Shia here (transformation sequence starts at 1:24).

Even if you hate voice dubs—heck, even if you love anime voice dubs—you have to admit Shia’s terrible stilted speech was made for this. We’d like to think Tumblr‘s anime fans for bringing this one to our attention. Now can we get Shia to voice Vegeta in the upcoming new series?

Screengrab via mrJoelVFX/YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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