This theme will make your Nintendo 3DS look and sound like a Sega Dreamcast

Sega fans who remember the good old days of the Dreamcast will soon be able to pay their respects in a unique, modern way. Sega has created a skin for the Nintendo 3DS that evokes the look of the classic console—and for this remembrance, you won’t have to press X.

Sega’s YouTube channel posted a video highlighting the new Dreamcast theme, which includes the signature startup beep, whooshes of fans revving up, and the ever-memorable disc scratch sound.

Now that’s what we call a tribute.

Sega hasn’t said when it will release this skin or if it will do so in the U.S., but the Sega faithful are ready and waiting.

Photo via Luftholen/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Imad Khan

Imad Khan

Imad Khan is a gaming and esports reporter. His work has been featured on Digital Trends and ESPN.