Samuel L. Jackson says he dropped false ‘Captain Marvel’ spoilers


We won’t have to wait much longer to watch Captain Marvel. But in the lead-up, fans have looked toward trailers or cast and crew interviews for intel. And while we’ve long known that Marvel trailers can be deceiving, it turns out the latter source might not always be trustworthy, either.

A big reveal came amid the Captain Marvel press tour on Wednesday. Stars Brie Larson Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, and Ben Mendelsohn were all on-hand to talk about the film, but when asked if they accidentally spoiled anything from the film, they did one better. The actors revealed there were fake spoilers, with Larson noting that Jackson himself put one out there.

“I said [Captain Marvel] could time travel one time,” Jackson explained. “Just jacked everybody up.”

Jackson dropped the reveal about Captain Marvel’s time-traveling abilities, which he now says was “just blowing smoke,” when members of the press visited the set of Captain Marvel in January.

“It was actually a mistake,” Jackson added. “We were tired. It was the end of the day. They had a bunch of people on set… You know, those days they bring reporters to set, and you’re working all day, and they want you to stop in the middle of the day to go talk to a table full of people for no reason. It’s like, really?!”

But the tidbit was plausible enough for some people to believe it. Marvel tweaked Captain Marvel’s origin story with her ’90s debut and kept it shrouded in mystery apart from what little the cast and crew were allowed to divulge. Plus, we know that a “time vortex” exists within the Quantum Realm, which some fans believed after the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp could connect Captain Marvel with the rest of the Avengers two decades later.

As for what else the cast might have led us astray on? We’ll have to watch Captain Marvel to find out.


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Michelle Jaworski

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