‘Star Trek’ gets the Riker spinoff parody we always wanted

Everyone knows William T. Riker is a ladies man. But a hilarious parody video shows that perhaps we underestimated his prowess. 

Jan van den Hemel, who goes by Gazorra on YouTube, takes footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation and re-edits clips to make the episodes and moments we never knew we wanted. 

“Riker” episode 1 is a parody pilot for a Next Gen spinoff featuring Riker in the lead role. What better way to introduce our new series star than showing off his savvy with the ladies, human or otherwise?

Van den Hemel is currently raising money on Patreon to support the production of an animated film, Robots and Chocolates. You can follow the progress of the movie on its Facebook page.

H/T Blastr | Screengrab via Gazorra/YouTube

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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