‘Rick and Morty’ cuts off free Sunday night livestreaming

If you wanted to livestream new episodes of Rick and Morty for free, you’re officially out of luck.

The first few episodes of the new season of Rick and Morty streamed live on Adult Swim’s website at the same they aired, which apparently lulled fans into a false sense of security. Adult Swim informed fans late last week via Twitter that this wouldn’t last, though they did invite—or maybe challenge—pirates to have a go at obtaining the episode.

Fans of the show who missed the tweet and signed on to AdultSwim.com Sunday night were greeted by a poorly acted live-action rendition of the episode instead.

Despite the fact that episodes will be available to view online after they’ve aired, fans are disappointed. Tuning onto Adult Swim on Monday morning just isn’t soon enough for a lot of people, who complained not only about the loss of free livestreaming, but also about the live-action version of the episode that aired instead. Many did not get the joke.

Some of this anger may be due to the fact that while fans in the U.S. have to pay to watch or wait until Monday, Netflix U.K. is adding each new episode on the Sunday it airs through the finale on Oct. 8.

It is not uncommon for a series to tease its new season with a few free episodes to hook fans who might decide to pay for continued access. Fans of Rick and Morty, however, seemed to be taken off guard.

There are plenty of options for people who want to watch the show, from tuning in the day after it airs to downloading the Adult Swim app and subscribing for $3.99 a month. Or, if all else fails, find a friend with a cable or satellite subscription.

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Nahila Bonfiglio

Nahila Bonfiglio

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