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‘Rick and Morty’ fan thinks he’s figured out how to break Rick out of prison

Time to enter the multiverse!


Michelle Jaworski

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Published Apr 28, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 9:09 pm CDT

One astute Rick and Morty fan might have found the answer to one of the biggest questions looming over its third season—and it’s about to get schwifty.

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The show’s second-season finale left fans (and Rick Sanchez) in a rather hopeless and impossible place: Rick turned himself into the Federation and was locked away in prison, with a life sentence and with no means of escape. But according to Reddit user Dillionmcrich, things may not be as bleak as they seem.

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In a video on the YouTube channel The Save Point Guild, Dillionmcrich expanded on the one thing—or the infinite number of things, depending on your view of it—that connects every part of Rick and Morty together: the multiverse.

In the multiverse, there’s an infinite number of worlds and an infinite number of different versions of people and animals. That means there’s an infinite number of Ricks and Mortys.

This fan’s theory rests on two different universes, C-137 (the main universe in Rick and Morty) and 5126. Dillionmcrich believes that it’s possible that, when Rick and Morty picked up Jerry from the Jerryboree in “Mortynight Run,” they took home the wrong Jerry—at one point, they swapped Jerries with another Rick and Morty.

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If they really did grab a different Jerry, that might mean that most of the rest of season 2 took place in an alternate universe, as indicated by the glowing green-and-pink rocks that Rick throws away two episodes later.

Why is that important?

It all revolves around the existence of assassin Krombopulos Michael. Morty accidentally killed him in the 5126 universe, but he might still exist in C-137. As with Rick and Morty, there is likely an infinite number of Krombopulos Michaels—including one with the ability to break into a high-level prison in an alternate universe and free Rick.

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Is that a bit too much for casual fans to follow? Maybe. But it’s also the kind of overly complicated plan that one of the infinite number of Ricks might be able to pull off.

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*First Published: Apr 28, 2016, 5:32 pm CDT