What happens when you put a red hot nickel ball on a hockey puck?

Hot nickel ball versus hockey puck


Finally, a worthy opponent.

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Hockey pucks are ridiculously hard. Just ask anyone who’s ever taken a hockey puck to the face. But how hard are they? Can they survive a red hot nickel ball?

We’ve seen a jawbreaker succumb to the nickel ball as well as Gak, – both which were thought to be indestructible – but can a hockey puck stand up to the test?

The short answer is yes

The look of defeat

If you’re wondering why the hockey puck only suffered a small hole, it’s because a hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber.

In other words rubber is combined with sulfur and heat to increase its strength and durability. Vulcanized rubber is also used to make bowling balls and mouth pieces for some wind instruments.

Hockey puck 1, red hot nickel ball 0

Screengrab via carsandwater/YouTube

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