Pokemon Sun and Moon

Screengrab via Nintendo/YouTube

Nintendo released a demo of its upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon titles for Nintendo 3DS this week, and you know what that means. Dataminers have been hard at work looking for hints about the game and its lineup of monsters. 

And it turns out they’ve struck gold. According to IGN, the dataminers believe there could be as many as 800 Pokémon in the game’s Pokédex—information inexplicably included in the code for the demo. They also uncovered information about sprites and new abilities. 

YouTuber Kaphotics has been detailing findings in a series of videos, the first of which is below. (If you’re leery of spoilers, skip the videos.) 

It seems like Pokémon fans will have plenty of cool new stuff to keep themselves busy when Sun and Moon launch on Nov. 18. 


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