This Pokémon Go costume is mind-blowingly elaborate

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Pokémon Go was the craze of the summer, so Pokémon-themed Halloween costumes were bound to happen. This fan took it above and beyond, though, with an interactive display that mimics the app’s augmented reality interface.

Someone can walk up, pick up a couple Poké Balls, and try to physically throw them at the screen to catch the rare Pikachu. He’d made about 60 in all, each with a tiny Pokémon and a sticker inside. “People kept giving them back to me because they felt so unsure about it. They couldn’t accept they were for keeps,” he wrote on Imgur.

It’s smoother than the Niantic app, which was plagued by server issues and crashes for weeks. But of course, eagle-eyed redditors quickly noted the costume’s one critical flaw: The display’s battery meter should, statistically speaking, be hovering somewhere close to dead.

Last year, the same guy put together an elaborate and interactive Tinder costume too.

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Monica Riese

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