Pixar’s free storytelling class will teach you how to write the next ‘Up’

Pixar’s practically perfected the art of telling complex stories that are equally satisfying and emotionally devastating, and now it’s letting the rest of us look in on how their creators do it.

The Disney-owned company is partnering with the Khan Academy to offer a series of free lessons designed to give artists and storytellers insight into how to tell the kind of stories that are a signature part of Pixar films. The series, known as Pixar in a Box, has already tackled effects, virtual cameras, character and environmental modeling, and animation, but the latest series specifically delves into storytelling.

The first lesson is already on the Khan Academy’s website, and the preview video stresses the importance of writing what you know because if it affected you, your story can try to get the audience to feel the same way you did.

Pixar in a Box plans to release six lessons throughout 2017, after which we’ll all be able to perfectly pitch the next emotionally gut-wrenching Pixar film.

H/T TechCrunch

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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