You can papercraft the Festival of the Lost masks from Destiny

Are you enjoying the new Festival of the Lost masks that Bungie released yesterday for Destiny’s Halloween celebration? Want to own them for real?

To get Festival of the Lost masks in Destiny you have to procure an empty sack from Guardian outfitter Eva Lavante, then put on a decorative mask and wear it while you shoot bad guys to collect the candy they drop. You hand Eva the full sack of candy, and she gives you a reward package that usually contains a new mask.

In the real world all you have to do is print out the papercraft mask templates that Bungie has made available for free. You can choose from an Exotic Engram, the Speaker, Eris Morn, and Oryx. 


The Festival of the Lost in Destiny will end on Nov. 9. You have until then to try on the virtual versions of these four masks, to decide which ones you want for real.

Illustration via Bungie

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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