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PayPal temporarily froze account that collected too much, too fast
This isn't the first time that PayPal has received the ire of people for freezing an account.
Webcomic community rallies around artist Rich Burlew
After a massive outpouring of financial and emotional support, Rich Burlew raised more than $1 million to reprint The Order of the Stick
When rage comics get real
Here's a creative video from the comedy troupe PistolShrimps worthy of the rage comic Le Coffee. 
Continue the tradition: watch the Animaniac’s “Presidents” song today
Join the crowds today who are flocking over to see the Animaniacs  take on what it really means to be president.
Dot Dot Dot: Sharing is caring, and so is tweeting
How we talk when we talk about Twitter.
Phel and Prison Wine: How two A.V. Club commenters fell in love
In the comment section of the pop-culture analysis site, Erin Phelan found her perfectly snarky companionin fellow reader Cameron McBride.
Canvas blasts Obama with marshmallow cannon meme
President Obama marveled at a marshmallow cannon at the White House Science Fair on Tuesday. Then the Canvas community went to work. 
Watchmen prequels and sequels stir controversy
Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen, is not writing either the prequels or sequels to Watchmen—and some fans are angry about that.
Reddit Digest: January 25, 2012
An atheist Ron Paul supporter, the Reddit SuperPAC, and every pet peeve imaginable—all in today's Reddit Digest. 
Gaming commentator whiteboy7thst hits 1 million subscribers
Once he was lost. Now he's a YouTube star; whiteboy7thst hit the 1 million mark.
Pinterest for your interests: Geeks
There is plenty to geek out over at Pinterest—from gadgets to beautiful objects.
Moses went to Japan in a spaceship
Internet lore has it that Moses (white beard, loved the Ten Commandments) really fled to Japan in a spaceship after he was done with the Israelites.
WorldCosplay opens a hot and global social network for costumed community
While still in beta, WorldCosplay already comes in 12 different languanges and boasts 8,500 members. 
Creating a game a week for one year: Can this redditor do it?
Munir Hussin wants to develop an entire game every week this year. Can he do it? His fellow redditors not only have faith in him; they're helping him out.
YouTube goes to school
YouTube is trying to cater to schools.
Reddit Digest: December 8, 2011
Redditors gained a first-hand insight into the Virgina Tech shooting, rats, and the Android community from the social news site.  
Ragetoons are the rage on Pinterest
Reddit does not have the monopoly on ragetoons. In fact, they're all over Pinterest.
Crowdsourced Twitter comic
Twitter users ask for specific comics to be drawn and voilà—they get results.