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Game of Bridesmaids brings Kristen Wiig to Westeros
What do the medieval fantasy and modern wedding comedy have in common? More than you'd think. 
Kickstopper: “Lunar Aid 1985,” a $21 million space folk album recorded on the moon
Talk about interstellar overdrive, this comedy duo seeks $21 million to record an album that's out of this world. 
The 10 most popular tags on Tumblr
You'll be surprised at who tops the list on Tumblr. 
National Geographic to send intergalactic tweets
National Geographic enlists the Tweets in Space team to potentially beam your 140-character musings.
Limbo character gets a helping hand from Canvas
In Limbo, you play as a nameless boy trapped in a monochromatic world full of pitfalls, giant spiders, and sharp objects. On Canvas, the tables get turned. 
Gaming bar faces ban on video games, takes to Internet to fight liquor board
Vancouver's EXP Bar was meant to be a haven for gamers, but British Columbia's Liquor Control Licensing Board hit the establishment with a game console ban. Now an online campaign is looking to get the dream-crushing restriction lifted.
Redditor plays Civilization II for 10 years, reveals humanity’s bleak future
What will the world be like in 3991 A.D.? One Reddit user has seen it, and it's not pretty.
Stanford Prison Experiment psychologist drops disheartening findings on Reddit
Psychologist Phil Zimbardo led this week’s crop of top Reddit interviews.
Anita Sarkeesian documents sexism in video games and on Kickstarter
The pop-culture critic behind Feminist Frequency got more than she bargained for on Kickstarter.
Introducing the CAPS OFF PLEASE podcast
The Web comics behind CAPS OFF PLEASE go in no-holds-barred on the Daily Dot.
This “Game of Thrones” rap song is surprisingly good
And there's not even a single mention of Lannister gold.
Take My Money, HBO! Fans campaign for streaming option
Creator Jake Caputo tells us about his campaign, which has garnered 5,000 tweets and a response from Time Warner Cable. 
The Morning GIF: Game of pants
Stop! It's Hammer time.
Arya Stark attempts the Cinnamon Challenge
And, like everyone else before her, she fails.
Sexually functional “My Little Pony” toy inspires fan following
A My Little Pony toy with a well-placed hole has captured the fan-art community's imagination, but not in the way you think.
Watch dramatic chemical reactions in GIF form
r/ChemicalReactionGifs presents science that sizzles, ignites, and explodes.
Is Fox gaming Reddit?
In today's Reddit Digest, conspiracy theories are afoot as redditors notice numerous posts about Gordon Ramsay pop up across the site—just days before the new season of his show Hell's Kitchen airs.