Here’s what happens when Overwatch actors hang out in real life


Screengrab via PlayOverwatch/YouTube

You’ll recognize these voices right away.

We don’t often get to see our favorite video game voice actors in character, but a video shared on Twitter by Jonny Cruz on Tuesday is giving us a delightful look behind the scenes. 

Cruz, who voices Lúcio in Overwatch, ran into many of his fellow voice actors while on a Blizzard campus tour and captured their interactions on video. There’s Keith Silverstein, who plays Torbjorn; Carolina Ravassa, who plays Sombra; and many more. 

It’s fun to hear voices you instantly recognize from both Overwatch and many other games and shows. It’s also fun to learn how many different voices can come from the same actor. Keith Ferguson—the bone-chilling voice of Reaper in Overwatch—was also the squeaky, lovable Blooregard Q. Kazoo in the animated Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

That’s some pretty awesome character work. 

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