New gameplay trailer for Prey shows some nasty-looking alien enemies

It’s you versus a horde of aliens that want to leap down your throat and do who knows what. Best to grab a gun, and never find out.

Bethesda Softworks at its E3 showcase revealed a reboot of the first-person shooter series Prey, and now we’re getting a look at a new gameplay trailer. Gamers can check out the enemies they’ll be fighting aboard a space station in this new sci-fi adventure. The game already looks so much different than the original Prey, released in 2006, which was about a Native American man abducted by aliens, and who used his spirit form to help navigate the aliens’ ship.

The new Prey trailer does, however, feel like a callback to the aborted sequel to the original game, Prey 2, that would have taken place in a sci-fi city that looked like something out of Blade Runner or The Fifth Element. Bethesda isn’t coming entirely out of left field with this one. 

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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