Epic gun battle from ‘The Matrix’ gets a stop-motion Lego remake

A lot of films and movie scenes are being recreated with Lego these days, but this remake of a classic moment from The Matrix is one you just can’t miss.

Stop-motion animator Snooperking has remade the lobby fight scene from The Matrix entirely with Lego, including some awesome minifigures of Neo and Trinity. On YouTube Snooperking writes that he “spent a while on this one, taught myself a lot.”

“This was more of an experimental animation to test my limits of animation,” he explains.

In December he shared a preview of the scene, writing that the six-second clip took him more than an hour and a half of work. On Reddit, he writes that the whole scene took “about 160 hours…spread out over the course of 3 months though so not to bad.” 

Watching this amazing recreation, it’s clear his hard work paid off.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via Snooperking/YouTube | Remix by Jason Reed

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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