Celebrate N7 Day with this awesome ‘Mass Effect’ jewelry

We assembled a list of the best jewelry in the galaxy, because someone else might have gotten it wrong.


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Published Nov 7, 2015   Updated May 27, 2021, 4:40 pm CDT

For fans of BioWare’s role-playing game series Mass Effect, this Saturday is more than just another day. It’s a day when players observe the holiday known as N7 Day. If you’re wondering why Nov. 7 is the perfect day to celebrate the franchise, it all comes down to the N7.

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In the series the main character, Commander Shepard, is part of military special forces, represented by “N” (signifying special forces) and 7 (the highest level of proficiency), hence the N7. Fans and game developer BioWare commemorate the occasion in various ways each year, and this week’s N7 Day will be no different. While the company says there will be no major news regarding the new game Mass Effect: Andromeda, it does have other things planned.

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As for fans, there are numerous ways you can show off your love for the franchise, including through your fashion. Mass Effect has inspired some great geek fashion through the years, especially when it comes to jewelry. Whether it’s revealing your inner Renegade or your love for a certain character, Mass Effect fans have lots of jewelry options to choose from.

Here are 12 pieces of Mass Effect-themed jewelry perfect for every commander of the Normandy.

1) Custom Alliance tags

There’s nothing quite like crafting your character in Mass Effect. You get to choose their origin, their psychological profile, their choices during the game, and much more to make your Commander Shepard distinct from all the rest. With these military tags, you can commemorate your unique Shepard by engraving their information on a nickel silver or solid-brass tag and choosing whether you want an Alliance, Cerberus, or N7 tag to go with it.

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2) Morality Charm Necklace

Are you a Paragon or a Renegade? This solid sterling silver medallion displays the heroic Paragon symbol on one side and the ruthless Renegade symbol on the other. You can display whichever side fits you best—or why choose at all? Go back and forth between the two depending on the situation.

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3) Omni-tool ring

The ever-useful Omni-tool may not be a reality yet, but you can at least have your very own ring version of the helpful handheld holographic device. This 3D-printed ring is cast in bronze, hand polished, and has black enamel to make the amazing details more visible.

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4) Paragon engagement ring

While this ring will cost you quite a bit, if you’re about to pop the big question to a Mass Effect fan the price is probably worth it. The beautiful 14K white gold ring features a blue diamond and the Paragon symbol on both sides. You can customize the ring as well, so it’s just right for the partner of your dreams!

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5) Paragon and Renegade cufflinks

You can feel like Commander Shepard addressing the Citadel Council in these fun and professional cufflinks. Whether you’re attending a formal function or a work meeting, these will remind you of your morality choices when dealing with others—though you may want resist your Renegade urges at work.

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6) Mass relay pendant necklace

You’ll never forget the best way to travel the galaxy with this mass relay necklace. The description states that it’s “made from questionable Reaper technology, but undeniably stylish and useful,” and we can’t argue with that. The metal pendant captures the familiar look of the relays that are an essential part of the series and will surely be adored by all your squad members.

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7) Urdnot Bakara ring

Mass Effect 3’s Urdnot Bakara, who was also known as Eve, was an awesome female Krogan shaman who played a major role in helping her people. Those who admire the determined Krogan will want to check out this ring. It’s made of solid bronze, and the design is inspired by the character’s memorable outfit.

8) Tali helmet pendant

If you’re team Dextro, then this pendant inspired by everyone’s favorite Quarian is for you. The 3D-printed pendant is modeled after Tali’s helmet and can come in a steel/nickel or sterling silver finish. The helmet mask also comes in Tali’s signature purple color, though you can request a different color option if you want. You just won’t be able to resist saying “Keelah se’la” while wearing it!

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9) N7 stud earrings

In the Mass Effect world being a part of the N7 program is a big commitment and requires the very best of its graduates. You can show you’re among these Alliance elite with these N7 stud earrings. Featuring the recognizable N7 symbol, there will be no doubt of your skills and dedication when they see you wearing them.

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10) Spectre pendant necklace

No one will question your authority when they see you wearing this Spectre pendant necklace. The pendant features the Spectre symbol in black and white and is made out of laser-cut acrylic. There’s no better way to display your membership to the elite Council group.

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11) N7 beaded bracelets

These beaded bracelets feature the red and black N7 colors and come with your choice of charm. You can display your moral code with a star for Renegades or a wing for Paragons, or really focus on your military training with a classic N7.

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12) Garrus’ visor and thermal clip rings

On Shapeways, creator Chris Myles, who goes by Ammnra, has two rings worth a look for fans. Unlike his other creations on this list, these items don’t appear in his Etsy shop, and they might require a little DIY on your part to complete. But, they just might have you proclaiming his shop the best on the Citadel once you see them.

The first features the familiar visor of loyal Turian squadmate Garrus and the symbol of archangel. It’s the perfect fit for every commander since you can’t have Shepard without Vakarian! The second ring resembles a thermal clip from the series’ weapons and features the N7 symbol. However, neither of these rings are painted, so if you want the matching colors for the details, as pictured above, you’ll have to do that yourself. To assist you, Myles offers a helpful guide on Flickr.

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2015, 12:00 pm CST