Marvel is planning a huge new relaunch for X-Men

Marvel X-Men

Illustration via Marvel

X-Men fans have a lot to be excited about.

The X-Men comics drought is about to come to a glorious end. 

Marvel announced today that it’s finally turning its attention back to the mutant wing of its comics empire with a huge event dubbed “ResurrXion.” Launching in spring 2017, we can expect two new flagship series, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, which will follow the primary team storylines. 

You can also look for the debut of five other ongoing series: Cable, Generation X, Iceman, Jean Grey, and Weapon X.  According to Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum, Generation X and Weapon X will “follow in the footsteps of their predecessors in terms of tone and spirit, but otherwise they blaze their own trails.”

We expect Generation X, the school storyline that captures the teenage drama of the younger mutant set, to be especially popular. 


The news is sure to excite X-Men fans who last saw the team enduring the threat of extinction in Inhumans vs X-Men. It should also reassure them that Marvel has no intention of abandoning the crew, though 20th Century Fox still owns the film rights to X-Men (something that has stuck in Marvel’s craw for years). 

We’re still waiting on writers, illustrators, and details about the new books. You can check out a preliminary Q&A with Ketchum and fellow Marvel editor Mark Paniccia about the X-Men event over at

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