Fans vow to follow ‘Legend of Korra’ to digital as it’s taken off air

Disappointed 'Korra' fans say they won't give up on the show. 

Mar 2, 2020, 12:37 am*

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Lisa Granshaw 

Lisa Granshaw

Just a day after Nickelodeon announced it was taking Legend of Korra off the air and transferring the show to digital, fans packed the show’s panel presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

Co-creator Michael DiMartino addressed the issue right away to a full Ballroom 20, stating he didn’t want to take too much time for the topic so they could get down to the fun. He confirmed once again that the show was pulled from the channel and being moved exclusively to digital. He said it’s part of a change happening in the whole industry. Korra has always done amazing online, despite the channel having a hard time finding a place for it among its TV programming.

“[The shift] definitely caught us by surprise and maybe wasn’t necessarily done in the smoothest way… but we’re moving to digital,” he said. 

Die-hard fans, some in elaborate cosplay, started lining up overnight to attend the panel. While news of Korra’s predicament was known to some, a few, including a fan named Kira, were surprised to learn from us what the panel would address.

“I like watching it on my big TV, not on my tiny little computer screen,” Kira told the Daily Dot. 

While unhappy with the news he said he would follow the show anywhere. Fans Hector and Raviti, who lined up at 5am for the panel, were both aware of the change and less than happy with the digital shift.

“I’m very saddened…it’s extraordinary because it’s one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen on television,” Hector said.

As expected from faithful fans who get up early to wait in line, they both plan to follow the show wherever it goes as well.

After the issue was addressed the panel answered questions and the crowd was treated to a brand-new episode of the series. Fans remained enthusiastic, cheering during the episode and showing appreciation of the extra behind-the-scenes Korra content. 

Unfortunate, this will probably be the last Korra panel that will grace San Diego Comic-Con as “the show is wrapping up” DiMartino said. But anyone hoping to catch a Korra panel one last time can most likely plan to see them at New York Comic-Con in October. 

Screenshot via Nickelodeon/YouTube

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2014, 6:26 pm