Light up your tabletop gaming experience with these themed candles

Do you sometimes wish your tabletop gaming experience could be a bit more immersive? If you want help feeling like you’re actually in the world your tabletop is set in, this Kickstarter might have just what you need.

Los Angeles-based Boonzy Arts has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the mass production of a new set of candles titled “Wheel of Flame,” which can be used to set the scene during your tabletop gaming. The three candles in the set are Lair of the Dragon, Fortress of Sorcery, and Forest of Enchantment.

“Each candle represents a different terrain you might visit on a campaign. Your game master can light a new candle every time you venture into a different realm, setting the stage—and the mood—with an evocative scent,” Boonzy Arts founder Lauren Rock writes.

Each candle will have a label drawn by illustrator Wilson Swain and also include a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, or D20 Norse Foundry metal die in the wax. 

Wheel of Flame/Kickstarter

There are currently 21 days left for the Kickstarter, which has raised more than $2,990 of its initial $3,500 goal. If they reach their goal, additional terrain-themed candles could be added as stretch goals.

Photo via Boonzy Arts Candles/Instagram

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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