Honest Trailers puts a hit out on ‘John Wick’

This Honest Trailer just makes us want to watch 'John Wick' again.

Feb 8, 2017, 7:05 pm

Internet Culture

Sarah Weber 

Sarah Weber

Screengrab via ScreenJunkies/YouTube

Just in time for the premiere of John Wick 2, the folks over at Honest Trailers are roasting the movie that started it all. 

John Wick, an action thriller starring Keanu Reeves, became an unexpected cult hit back in 2014. That’s because the plot is pretty much just a retired hitman running around and murdering people after somebody killed his dog. Oh, and there’s a secret society of assassins. It’s revenge flick fun at its finest. 

It’s true Reeves doesn’t have the best luck with his action movie sequels, but here’s hoping John Wick 2 is just as badass as the original. 

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