Watch a real-life Transformer turn into a car

human_transformer.png (1366×768)

More than meets the eye. 

You know when you see a YouTube video and you’re just like, “This weird idiot is my new role model for life”? Well, prepare to meet the human Transformer.

This person made an actual functioning Transformer costume that allows them to change into a car. Better yet, it isn’t just cosplay for a convention, he’s using it for street performance as a children’s entertainer. If you managed to hire someone like this for your kid’s party, you’d officially be the best parent ever.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fully-functioning Transformer cosplay, but it’s pretty cool to see one out in the wild. Way cooler than your average busker. The only problem is, your kids would probably wind up demanding their own Transformer costume next Halloween, and these things look pretty complicated to build.

Screengrab via Mohammad Tiba/YouTube

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