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Honest Trailers tries to ruin ‘The Princess Bride,’ takes a stab at ‘Shrek’ instead

As you wish.


Monica Riese


You might know The Princess Bride as the greatest love story ever told, but what if it’s … not? Inconceivable.

The guys at Honest Trailers are here to try to ruin it for you a little, from calling out the relationship between Buttercup and Westley as unrealistic, manipulative, and a little abusive to (correctly) describing the film’s action sequences as “really, really polite action.”

At the very least, they’ve figured out what makes this “action romance comedy drama kids’ movie for adults” so damn quotable:

Sure, it’s got “crappy sets, cheesy music, and obvious stunt doubles,” but even the Honest Trailers folks can’t deny this one’s still amazing. (But we’re definitely glad the trailer wasn’t voiced by Peter Falk.)

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