Botnik Studios/YouTube (Fair Use)

A couple months ago, Botnik Studios used predictive text to produce a new Harry Potter chapter that was absurd, felt true to the spirit of the books, and was instantly beloved. And now we can watch it unfold for ourselves in a new interpretation of the bot-written text.

With animation by Jamie Loftus and audio by Rachael Wright, the animated adaptation recreates the vivid imagery—all the way down to its literal interpretations. Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, gives us visuals we could have hardly imagined. While the narration alone is delightful, the video offers an additional layer that includes new written dialogue and asides, with helpful information about two Death Eaters who have an exchange with one another.

Delightful and outlandish? Definitely. But as far as faithfulness and creativity are concerned, it might just be one of the more memorable and delightful adaptations yet.

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