If you’ve already got ‘Ghostbusters’ remake fatigue, this parody is for you

The nation is already suffering from Ghostbusters fatigue, if this surreal animated clip is anything to go by.

The dark comic mashup, mildly NSFW, hails from remix comedy YouTube channel Mashed. It features a likeness of Channing Tatum facing off against the older ghostbusting crew, along with a haunted house full of homages to famous horror creatures. Harold Ramis’ Egon is, of course, a ghost. The definite highlight, along with a particularly famous scene recreation, is voice actor Chris Simpson’s spot-on Bill Murray impression.

Honestly we’re not sure if this is a thinly veiled metaphor about snake people overtaking their elders or what, but we have to say it’s a little odd that the men of the firehouse were all bested by horror creatures who existed prior to 2002. Come on, surely there’s room for a Venkman/Babadook/Slender Man threesome?

Of course, it’s also very easy to read this as a visceral gut reaction to the concept of remaking Ghostbusters again with an all male team because remaking Ghostbusters again with an all female team is just too exclusionary for dudebros who never get to see themselves represented in movies. 

In other words, slime them all.

Screengrab via YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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