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Jsticks11 posted more than two dozen videos of the game in action.

One gamer got his hands on the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V a week early. Despite the risk of Microsoft banning his console from XBox Live online services, he decided to let others check out the game in action through Vine videos.

Jsticks11 started posting the clips two days ago. His first video showed the game in its packaging, and suggested it’s easier to get advance copies if you #KnowTheRightPeople.

The videos include footage you won’t find in the bombastic trailers developer Rockstar Games released over the last few months. Jsticks11 showed how firefights, driving, the in-game phone, arrests, and maps (which leaked on Reddit Wednesday) all work.

He also answered questions about the game in video comments, telling one Viner the game feels “a lot more smoother” than previous GTA titles. He posted the videos on Instagram as well, where he promised he’d share slightly longer videos (Instagram allows videos of up to 15 seconds in length, compared with Vine’s six).

Many on Vine were grateful for Jsticks11’s peeks at the game in action ahead of its release next Tuesday. However, it seems Microsoft didn’t appreciate his efforts: It banned his console from the XBox LIVE online service for a terms of use violation.

Rockstar, meanwhile, has a policy of issuing takedown notices for unauthorized pre-release footage. But until the company gets Vine to take down Jsticks11’s videos, they’ll continue to whet fans’ whistles ahead of launch day.

H/T Now Gamer | Screenshot via RockstarGames/YouTube

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