Here are all of the Fortnite earthquake cracks thus far


They’re tearing Fortnite maps apart.

We’ve always said that Fortnite was an earthshaking success, but Epic Games seems to have taken that a little too seriously. In the run-up to Fortnite season 8, the game has added in a bunch of cracks in the Earth made by the earthquakes we’ve heard rumors of for the past couple weeks. The battlefield is starting to look like a teenager’s face, but that won’t stop us from finding all of these Fortnite earthquake cracks.

Fortnite season 8 officially starts on Feb. 28, but the earthquake cracks started appearing on Feb. 14. Here are all of the Fortnite earthquake crack locations we’ve seen so far. 

Fortnite earthquake crack locations

One of the first big cracks to appear is near the Tomato Temple, on a small hill southwest of the structure. It winds around the hill for a fairly long distance.

West of Tomato Temple, a second crack has appeared. It’s considerably larger than the first one, and it splits in two different directions like a wishbone of sorts. I wouldn’t want to be the owner of that garage.

fortnite earthquake crack locations LootLakeBR/Twitter

A third crack has appeared just across the path from Lazy Links.

A fourth crack has appeared near the unnamed container yard.

fortnite earthquake crack container yard LootLakeBR/Twitter

Circle back to the first crack and a fifth has now appeared close by.

Fans of the Block will notice a sixth earthquake crack nearby.

Dusty Diner eaters will need to watch out for earthquake crack number seven.

And an eight crack has again formed near the Block.

fortnite earthquake crack block LootLakeBR/Twitter

More cracks than a plumber convention, I tell ya.


It looks like the timeline for each crack has been leaked by Twitter users Lucas7Yoshi and Im_Rubric. The pair have been keeping a close eye on when exactly each crack forms, and they seemed to have determined a timetable.

There’s no way to confirm if the timetable is accurate, as Epic Games hasn’t said anything, and we’re still only eight cracks in.

We’ll be sure to update this page as more cracks develop. In the meantime, don’t miss out on getting the Fortnite Prisoner stage 4.

Joseph Knoop

Joseph Knoop

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