Ford caters to geek crowd with Metal Gear Solid ad

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Ford caters to geek crowd with gamer-oriented ad.

The Ford Motor Company is catering to geek audiences again, this time using Metal Gear Solid to advertise the Focus SE.

In the ad, Ford contracted protagonist Solid Snake’s original voice actor David Hayter to promote the Focus SE. With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, series director Hideo Kojima replaced Hayter for Kiefer Sutherland.

Just like with the Dragon Ball Z ads, Ford is trying to reach a different consumer by using commercials that appeal to both nostalgia and humor. In the clip below, Snake confronts Psycho Mantis—just like in the original Metal Gear Solid. And just like in the original, Mantis would say something personal about the player. (This was accomplished on the PlayStation by reading off the player’s’ memory card.)

Ford has overdubbed other properties, including Captain Planet and Spanish soap operas.

H/T Polygon

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