Four months and thousands of panels later, we’ve reached the end of “Time.”

Four months and thousands of panels later, we’ve reached the end of “Time.”

xkcd creator Randall Munroe has finally completed “Time,” a 3,099-panel masterpiece that is by far the longest storyline in the history of his popular webcomic.

Munroe started the epic story on March 25 as “a beautiful and odd existentialist parable touching on the discovery of geographic knowledge; cultural first contacts; environmental disaster, friendship and ingenuity,” boing boing reported. The black and white adventure follows xkcd’s familiar stick figure boy and girl traveling across a barren land that grows increasingly complex as their journey progresses.

It’s so complex, in fact, that fans have started a wIki to collect the details of the story and recommend the best ways to dive into it.

The easiest way to absorb the lengthy, infinite-scrolling “Time” is through Geekwagon’s web app, which allows you to load all the frames at once and shuffle through them as fast as you want.

The following is an Imgur slideshow of the first 1,000 frames:


H/T boing boing | Illustrations by Randall Munroe/XKCD

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