The heroes of Bum Rush comics are intentionally not so super

These comic books add a dose of reality. 

Mar 2, 2020, 8:53 am*


If you’re tired of comic book franchises too in love with grand personal tragedies to ever think about poking fun at themselves, it’s time to check out a new indie-made comic universe: Bum Rush. According to Jack Cayless, the London-based brain behind the operation and creator of Victorian webcomic Chimneyspeak, Bum Rush is all about “parodying the mainstream comics world and answering questions glossed over by comics storytelling.”

“What do the police do when there’s a superhero guarding the city? Where do Doomsday Devices come from? All the tiny questions that make superhero comics unbelievable, plot-hole filled stories? Bum Rush tackles,” Cayless explains.

One of the main characters in Bum Rush is Vicky Redd, the self-described “darling mascot of the military industrial complex” who is, in spite of a lack of arms, completely normal and self-adjusted. Buxom and entirely too fond of confectionary, Redd is neither reluctant heroine or dark avenger; she’s just an employee chosen for the position because of her familiarity with prosthetic technology. Which is honestly a great change of pace.

Pages from Bum Rush #1 can be found for free on Jack Cayless’s tumblr. Be advised: not everything in the tumblr is safe for perusal at work. On average, the Bum Rush comics cost $2.00 and be acquired here.

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*First Published: Feb 15, 2014, 11:30 am